Enabling a future where seniors can live independently while feeling safe, cared for and connected, for as long as they choose to

At Tochtech Technologies, our mission is to provide smart solutions for independent and safer living

Tochtech Technologies uses non-intrusive activity tracking systems and health monitoring technology that enables remote care by family caregivers or care service providers.

Live data from these tracking and monitoring systems can offer valuable information on the health condition of the senior and input to their care plan.

Toch Smarturns

our very first product, keeps you safe in the kitchen

Using a combination of patent pending technology, motion detection and wifi technology, Toch Smarturns issues alerts when a stove is unattended and becomes a potential fire hazard.

The Smarturns project started with the aim of solving a real problem that we and many others around the world face — helping our aging seniors live independently and safely for as long as they choose to. However through our journey, we found that the issue of unattended cooking is not just limited to seniors. Our technology is designed to help keep safe, the millions of people who are cooking everyday.

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We are working with the community to build better solutions

We are working with medical personnel, care givers and seniors to ensure our products are designed and built to meet the needs of seniors.

We are constantly looking to build partnerships with individuals and business owners involved with senior care. If you are passionate about enabling independent living for seniors we would like to hear from you.

About Tochtech Technologies

Co-founders Jessica and Wei have been friends for years and both have a lot in common. They both worked in product development for many years at Nokia, Motorola and different consulting services companies. Over a family get-together a couple of years ago, they shared their concerns for their parents who live independently and were showing signs of memory decline. This conversation was the catalyst and inspiration for the company. “We cannot stay with them all the time, but we want to know they are safe, and that they are fine. We want to create something that helps them retain their independence, and that provides peace of mind for ourselves.”

Jessica Yang

Co-founder &

Wei Fang

Co-founder &

David Xing


Tammy Li